Trash Hauling St Petersburg FL

Trash Hauling St Petersburg FL

Trash Hauling St Petersburg FLJunk piling up around the home is something that we don’t realize until it is a huge problem. Whether it is an overcrowded basement, unruly attic, or even bulky heavy appliances, junk presents itself in many forms when crowding up on our properties. While organizing what is trash and what is not is usually achievable without professional help, the hard part comes along when the times come to remove the junk off the property. There are so many regulations regarding what you can and cannot trash; this coupled with the fact that your local government garbage removal service will only pick up so much curbside trash makes handling removing organized junk off your property a real hassle. Thankfully, there is a perfect solution for you: Dad and Son Hauling; if you are in need of trash hauling in St Petersburg FL we are the first to call! Dad and Son has operated in the Pinellas area for years now and we have handled hundreds of junk removal projects; our expertise and skill allows us to handle and remove even the worst of junk pile ups! 

What Do We Handle?

Dad and Son is well versed in handling a number of common junk removal scenarios. Situations like office clean outs, basement clean outs, foreclosure clean outs, yard debris and waste pickups, remodeling debris pickups, and much much more. There are plenty of situations in your home that call for a good junk removal solution, performing the work is already hard enough, why waste even more time loading up and removing junk off your property? 

Our team is well versed in all forms of appliance removal; from the heaviest of refrigerators to the most annoying of dishwashers, we have handled it all! Unplugging and dismantling an appliance for removal can be confusing and complex, let Dad and Son unplug and remove that bulky dishwasher for you! Another great reason to hire us for appliance removal is to avoid the dangers associated with it; thousands of people injury themselves, sometimes severely, trying to load heavy appliances off their property for removal. Let Dad and Son’s well trained team handle this danger for you; our specialized equipment will make the job a breeze!

How Do We Handle It?

Dad and Son has a variety of solutions available to cover your trash hauling needs. Our top two options are either junk removal or dumpster rental. Junk removal is the quintessential option for removing waste off your property; we send a team with a truck out to your property or lot to handle the hauling and loading of the junk off the premises. We then work to sort, recycle, and dump the junk at the proper locations, taking this worry off your back entirely. With a dumpster rental we deliver a dumpster straight to you; you handle loading it full of debris and waste and call us when the time is right. We’ll come straight back and remove the dumpster and junk with it!

Trash hauling in St Petersburg FL can be hard to find, it is important that you are working with a licensed contractor who will handle your junk removal needs safely and efficiently. Contact us today for more information on junk removal or a dumpster rental today!