St Petersburg Dumpster Rental

St Petersburg Dumpster Rental

St Petersburg Dumpster RentalWhether you are wrapping up a big project or simply getting rid of items within your home, having a dumpster rental on hand can be an excellent way to manage cleanup and removals. Getting the right size dumpster or roll-off container will make sure that you have access to proper waste removal solutions during a construction project or cleanout.

With our St Petersburg dumpster rental company, we will make sure that we provide the right size dumpster for your needs. We drop off the empty dumpster, you complete your cleanup or construction project and then we come and pick it up. There’s no need to haul several loads to the dump and you can have convenient removal solutions at an affordable price!

We have dumpsters that can be used for electronics, yard waste, appliances, household junk, construction waste, and even concrete. We can pick an ideal place to drop off these dumpsters for your project and then give you affordable rates for the rental and removal process.

Choosing Your Size

If you are in need of a dumpster rental, the first rule is to choose the size that is going to work for your project. We provide St Petersburg dumpster rentals based on the size of the dumpster. We can help you pick a dumpster that’s not going to be too large or too small for your projects. We will talk about the full cost for rental, removal and more. There are no hidden fees associated with the rental and we will handle everything from the pickup and drop-off to the dump fees all under the same rental costs.

After you pay for the deposit, you won’t have to expect any other hidden fees associated with your St Petersburg Dumpster rental. Dad and Son Hauling will drop off the dumpster rental, you can fill it with any nonhazardous materials of your choice, and then we can schedule a date for pickup.

Choosing Your Delivery

We can deliver your dumpster rental directly to your driveway or choose a location on your property that will protect features on the property. We offer 24-hour delivery services that are convenient for booking a dumpster to start your next project. Our rentals come with rubber rollers to ensure that your bin will not risk your property value. We have dumpster rentals with doors as well as smaller dumpsters that are completely sealed in. Your rental box is ready to be loaded on delivery.

When To Pick Up

We can pick up your dumpster rental as soon as your project is done. Just let us know if you need some extra time or the date that you plan on completing. We will charge a rental fee based on the number of days that the bin will be on your property. Our standard rental is usually 5-7 days.  If your rental is full and you’d like it removed early, simply contact us and we can arrange removal or a second drop off so you can start a new project. We work with a wide range of businesses and homeowners across St Petersburg Florida. It’s our goal to offer simple dumpster rentals that can help you through a variety of projects. 

We do not just cart off all dumpster rental removals to a landfill either. A large portion of the items that can be found in these dumpsters are reused and recycled. At Dad and Son, we make a conscious effort to reuse and repurpose a large portion of the items we received from our St Petersburg Dumpster Rentals. Contact us today to learn more about this service or to rent your own dumpster.