Shed Tear Down and Removal

Shed Tear Down and Removal

Shed Tear Down and RemovalIf you are getting tired of looking at that old shed taking up space in your backyard, it could be time to contact some professionals to take that eyesore out of your life for good. Dad and Son is a junk removal company that specializes in demolition and shed tear down and removal. We can completely demolish your old shed and remove any junk inside in one quick service visit.

No matter what materials your shed may be made out of, we can dispose of it with a quick service visit. We handle the removal of sheet metal, plastic, wood and more. A shed that’s been neglected and become home to various insects, pests, or other issues can be a danger to your property. It is a smarter choice to just remove the shed, it will help increase both property value and safety.

When our team handles your shed tear down and removal project we can make sure to get the job done quickly and safely. Disassembling a shed and removing the pieces can be a dangerous process especially with items like exposed nails, fasteners, rust and more that can cause injury and difficulty completing the process. If your shed has been exposed to mold or other types of damage you could also be potentially risking your health by participating in the disassembly process. Let our team of professionally trained removal experts with safety equipment handle the removal process so that you can stay safe. We are trained in safe lifting techniques and we wear masks as well as use lifting equipment to ensure that the process can be completed quickly and safely.

We offer a wide range of demolition and removal services. Whether you need assistance with appliance or building material removal, household junk removal, garage cleaning, hot tub removal or other items, we arrive ready to work and with the right tools for the job.

With our services, we can make sure that all items that are removed can be appropriately donated to local charities or properly recycled through our partnerships with a series of waste management companies. We want to make sure that we take an environmentally conscious approach to all our shed tear down and removals.

Hiring us for any type of job is as simple as picking up the phone. Let us know a time that works best for your schedule or book us online to find out the perfect time. We arrive on-site with all of the equipment needed to demolish your shed and cart off the remaining junk. We are always prepared for the job and keep all necessary safety equipment and tools ready to go. By making sure that we are prepared we can ensure that you can have access to a price that is going to be the same as we quoted. Without any surprises, you can have confidence in our services as removal professionals. 


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