Junk Removal Pinellas County FL

Junk Removal Pinellas County FL

Junk Removal Pinellas County FLAdding on to homes or remodeling existing rooms is always an exciting time. Whether it’s time to add a backyard deck or pool, remodel the master bath to add a sauna, or even remove an unsightly shed, there is always something that can be improved around the house! While planning the project, sourcing the materials, and finding the right company can be an exhausting process, there is one step that is sorely needed but often overlooked: removing the junk and debris that is going to be produced afterwards! Whenever something is knocked down to upgrade or renovate, there will always be junk and debris associated with it. While building and improving is always the fun part, organizing debris and trash afterwards for removal is not. With the amount of remodeling and renovating going on junk removal in Pinellas County FL is in high demand! It is important that you find the correct junk removal company to work with, no two companies are alike! You will want a company that is responsive, communicative, and most important one that provides no hassles, Dad and Son is that company! With decades of junk removal experience under our belt, we offer some of the best service in the industry! There are multiple professions and individuals that can benefit from our services, we have decided to list out a few of them below!


Whether you are buying or selling homes, there is always going to be junk that needs removal! Just picked up property in a beautiful location, but has unsightly outdoor structures such as an old shed or other form of storage? Dad and Son can easily remove and haul these junk structures of your property! Just picked up a foreclosure home and need the junk inside removed promptly? Dad and Son are always ready at a moment’s notice to come and remove unsightly junk from your new property so that you can sell and flip it faster!

Construction Contractors 

Any construction project is going to come with tremendous amounts of junk and debris, it comes with the territory! Dad and Son has extensive experience handling commercial construction junk removal and has the perfect sized dumpster for your project! 


Want to upgrade your kitchen appliances but the only thing holding you back is removing the old ones? Dad and Son handles appliance removal on a daily basis and has all the correct tools to expedite your appliance removal. Don’t settle for older, poorly functioning appliances just because you can’t remove them, contact us today instead!

Junk removal in Pinellas County FL is taking off thanks to the extensive home construction and home improvement taking place in the area. There are plenty of inexperienced contractors looking to take advantage of misinformed consumers and offer them subpar service for terrible prices. Dad and Son is a local company that takes pride in offering the best possible service to the local community. We love to answer any questions that you may have for us, contact us today to learn more or to schedule a junk removal appointment!