Hurricanes and Junk Removal

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Hurricanes and Junk Removal

Hurricanes and Junk Removal

As the hurricane season approaches in Florida, being proactive with your yard cleanup can be a great way that you can prevent damage across your property and to neighbors properties as well. When many people consider removing debris from their property they are often quick to look towards their trees and items like patio furniture that could be damaged in a hurricane. Considering the debris that’s around your yard can be important as if winds come up quickly, this could lead to the chance of almost anything in your yard becoming a projectile. Getting ahead on your junk removal for hurricanes can be crucial to preventing the chance of damage to surrounding properties and your own. Here are some of the top examples of how hurricanes and junk removal go hand and hand to prevent excess damage.


If you have an old and rotting shed that has fallen into disrepair, there is a good chance that it could be easily destroyed by a hurricane. Items that are inside the shed or the components of your shed could quickly become projectiles and cause serious damage to surrounding property. Working with junk removal professionals can make sure that the shed and all of the components can be safely removed.

Lawn Furniture

Your old patio sets, lawn furniture or playground equipment all need to be appropriately removed. Working with a junk removal professional will ensure that these items can be hauled away quickly and ensure that you can enjoy less of a chance that furniture items might make their way into your home or throughout the neighborhood.

Yard Debris

If you have items like fallen tree limbs, leaves, rocks or branches these can all lead to potential damage for your property. Anything that could light enough to get picked up by the wind could damage your siding, roofing systems and more.

Old Vehicles and Appliances

If you have old vehicles and appliances in your yard it’s essential that you perform some type of cleanup before a hurricane hits. These are larger items that can cause extensive damage to the surrounding area and working with the junk removal professional will ensure that you can get access to the best and preventative solutions for your home.

If you would like to learn more hurricanes and junk removal, contact us today! Dad and Son is a qualified junk removal service with years of experience in the industry, let us handle your junk removal projects today!

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