How To Organize Your Garage In 3 Easy Steps

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How To Organize Your Garage In 3 Easy Steps

Organize Your Garage In 3 Easy Steps

How To Organize Your Garage In 3 Easy Steps

If you as a person are guilty of parking your vehicle outside of your garage because of all of the items that are taking up room inside it could be time for you to start reclaiming your space and getting organized. Keeping your garage clean and organized can be a challenging task especially if you short on storage or you like to regularly work in the garage. If you try to make things more organized and you would like to take on a bit of garage cleaning, here is how to organize your garage in 3 easy steps. 

Take Everything Out Before You Clean

Cleaning around messes can be next to impossible and if you want to make sure that you can remove the majority of the clutter inside your garage, you need to know the type of space that you’re working with. Remove all of the clutter from your space in order to transform it as well as easily find all of the equipment, tools, and items that you are storing inside. Open up your garage and start taking out items along your driveway. Sort each item that you like to remove and then create three piles for donations, throwing stuff out and things you would like to keep. If you’re questioning holding onto an item you should consider the last time they used it and if you will really need to keep it. If there’s a specific tool that you only use once a year or an item that is taking up a lot of space that you could rent or borrow, it may be wise for you to consider getting rid of it in favor of the extra space. 

Once you have started to de-clutter, you can get an idea of the stuff that you’ll have to sit back into your garage as you are putting it all back. The final step before you start putting items back into the garage would be a quick sweep to make sure you’re starting with a clean slate as you organize. 

Trace Out A Quick Game Plan

With a scrap sheet of paper, you can drop your garage and consider how it could optimally hold the items that you have left from the donation and your junk pile. Sketch out some of the areas that you might want to put in shelving, organizers, or hanging hooks. You can create your dream floor plan and choose areas that are going to give you a proper place for all of the belongings you have. If you’re keeping all of your garden tools in one area, for example, make sure that they stay contained to one storage rack. You could have sections of your garage dedicated to specific items like your sports equipment, tools, garden items, pool storage, and more. 

Maximize Your Space

Don’t be afraid to pick up some creative storage solutions to maximize your space when it’s required. There’s plenty of vertical space in the garage and if you don’t have shelving, wall cabinets, wooden beams for hanging, hooks, and pegs, wall units, or space laid out for your vehicles, you can make sure that everything can be maximized in your floor plan and as you start to reorganize everything. Don’t be afraid to buy some storage solutions that will help you to maximize the full potential of your garage area. 

If you’re having difficulty getting in and out of your garage or finding things, consider these top steps to get back to being organized. If you could use a helping hand, contact us today

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