Hot Tub and Spa Removal

Hot Tub and Spa Removal

Hot Tub and Spa RemovalDad and Son Hauling provides support for a wide range of removal services across St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. One service that we specialize in is for hot tub and spa removal. If you have any spa related equipment or hot tubs that require removal, we can quickly and safely remove them to clear your yard of clutter and to make way for a new set up.

Our junk removal specialists will remove everything; we have the equipment to handle all lifting and loading and our team is certified and skilled ensuring that we practice safe disposal standards for any hot tub removal. 

At Dad and Son, we make sure that we offer a fast and safe solution for clearing out indoor or outdoor hot tubs. Hot tubs are a big space investment; our service allows you to free up some space for other projects on your property. Our hot tub removals are an easy process. With the help of our team, we quickly remove these items in no time at all and make sure that the clean-up process is quick and easy.

At Dad and Son, we are a family business. Our staff removes thousands of pounds of junk each year and are highly trained and certified. We want to make sure that your junk removal process can be managed efficiently. Even if your project requires minor demolition or assistance in some cramped conditions, we can handle the removal process and make sure it can be done with the right equipment and without damage to your property.

We don’t want to simply take your used hot tub to a landfill either. When we pick up your hot tub or spa, we inspect it for any usable components. With our comprehensive recycling and donation programs, we make sure that any usable element from the spa or hot tub can be donated to a local charity or recycled to avert materials from going to a landfill. It’s our promise to operate in an ecologically effective manner.

We have the equipment in place and make sure to contact our customers before our service appointment. We only ask that there is someone on-site to point us in the direction of the hot tub for removal and help us to gain access to the yard or home the tub is in. Let us in, point out the tub and we will handle the rest!

Contact us today if you are in need of spa or hot tub removal!