Foreclosure Cleanouts

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Foreclosure CleanoutsIf your home is being foreclosed on or you work in a business that provides professional foreclosure, it is likely that you may need to handle waste removal in order to prepare a home for sale. If you are experiencing a need for foreclosure cleanouts, contacting a junk removal company in the greater St. Petersburg area can be an excellent way to manage your needs.

Our team offers affordable junk removal solutions that can help your property remove unwanted junk so that you can resell a home quickly. Rather than having to quickly clean up your home for resale or clean up a clients home in order to foreclose on it, we can make sure that any debris or junk can be removed from the property before the resale process takes place. 

Our team specializes in major junk removal for properties across Florida. With the need for basement or garage cleanouts, our staff can prepare a quote for you. Our company has a fleet in place that can handle hauling large items like appliances, furniture, construction debris and more. We can even assist with light demolition processes when required. 

Our team can handle any type of cleanout apart from hazardous debris. By contacting us you can let us know about the types of materials that are going to be removed and we can prepare a quote for you. We make sure to bring all the needed equipment for the moving process and we can handle the removal in a timely manner. Imagine having your home available for sale after just one convenient stop!

Our Approach

We take a different approach to cleanouts. It’s our goal to make sure that any usable items from a foreclosure cleanout can be donated back into the community. With this ecologically-based approach we can make sure that we divert waste from landfills and offer more to local community organizations.

For any type of foreclosure cleanout, we also want to offer supreme quality of service. This means safe and efficient work while we are on-site as well as a top-quality of customer service. We become the trusted choice for foreclosure cleanouts for many financial institutions as well as for many people that are facing this unfortunate situation. When you need to clean out a home quickly and remove junk, you can have confidence in our team.

Dad and Son hauling is a family business and we have vetted each one of our professionals. We treat every one of our clients with respect and our fleet of junk removal vehicles are ready to take on any type of junk removal task in foreclosures that you may have. 

It is our goal to offer a pleasant experience with zero hidden fees associated with junk removal. By delivering an itemized quote for each one of our clients, you can get an indication of the total cost of removals with no hidden fees. 

We take on any challenge with junk removal. We can provide you with upfront pricing for many of the items that you want to remove and we can even handle the removal of very large items in a clean and efficient manner. 

We contact all clients 15 min. before we arrive to make sure that we can honor our service appointments. We just need one person on-site to point out the items that need to be removed and then our team can carry out the foreclosure cleanout service quickly and safely. 

Contact us if you need immediate foreclosure cleanouts in a greater St. Petersburg area.