Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Rental

Dumpster RentalIf you are wrapping up a commercial construction project or it’s time for you to perform a cleanout on your home, a dumpster rental can be an excellent way that you can handle any type of removal or cleanup all on your own. Going to the dump and having to throw away items can be extremely inconvenient especially with a truck rental or your personal vehicle. Choosing a dumpster rental is a better method for construction cleanup or any type of disposal project.

We can provide dumpster rentals or roll-off containers in multiple sizes that can help you manage proper waste removal solutions for your home or business. The service we provide includes the full cost of the rental as well as disposal. We drop off the dumpster, you fill it and we handle the removal process. 

Our dumpster rental works with a wide range of waste management. Whether you need to dispose of electronics, appliances, concrete or household junk we can make sure you get the right size container and a highly affordable rate on any type of rental or removal process for your waste. 

The Process

By visiting our website you can get an idea of the type of container we have available. You can also contact us to let us know the type of waste that you are disposing of and we can let you know more about the right size dumpster that will fit your project. We recommend choosing a bin that is going to be the right size for your project. We price dumping fees associated with the size of the bin, choosing the right size can make sure that you can save on the budget for your removal process. There are no hidden fees associated with this service.

After you pay for the initial deposit on the dumpster, we can drop off the dumpster and you can fill it with any nonhazardous materials of your choice. We establish a date of scheduled pick up, we grab the dumpster and you pay the rest of the dumping fees.

We Pick Up

Our team will pick up your dumpster rental usually between 5 to 7 days of the initial drop off. Contact us with the date you plan on completing your project. We charge a rental fee based on the total number of days that the dumpster will be on your property. If you are finished with it early be sure to contact us immediately and we can remove it from your property as soon as possible.

Our team has rented dumpsters to homeowners and business owners across the greater St. Petersburg area. It’s our goal to deliver the best quality of service that will help our customers to enjoy the fastest disposal of their items at an extremely efficient and inexpensive price. 

We don’t naturally take all of the items from our dumpster to a landfill either. At Dad and Son, we want to ensure that any items which can be reused or donated back into the community can be appropriately recycled. Before we dispose of all items, we work to donate and recycle what we can to reduce the load on our landfills.

Contact us today to learn more about our dumpster rentals or to inquire about the cost for your own needs.