Dumpster Rental St Pete FL

Dumpster Rental St Pete FL 

Dumpster Rental St Pete FL After a whole summer of constant, laborious, hard work it’s finally done, your backyard deck project came out perfect! All the accessories you could need, functional pergola, and beautiful hardwood, you literally have the deck of your dreams now! However, there is a bit of trash laying around your backyard now, actually more like a lot! What are you going to do with all that junk? Thankfully, Dad and Son Hauling has the best possible solution for your situation; bring in a dumpster rental to handle the job! Dumpster rental in St Pete FL has never been less stressful!

Our dumpster rentals are perfect for junk of any type. Anything from concrete, electrical waste, junk from yard work, construction junk and everything in between, we have the right sized dumpster for your specific situation! We’re able to pick up and drop off the dumpster rental right on your property in whatever spot that you need it! Let us outline the process of renting a dumpster from our company, start to finish! 

Choosing The Right Size For Your Dumpster Rental

Every housing project is going to have a certain amount of waste to pick up afterwards. You aren’t going to need a large dumpster for removing various yard waste from around your property, but leftover waste from remodeling two rooms of your house is probably going to demand a larger dumpster for the job. We don’t want to sell you a rental that you don’t need, our team can quote you the perfect size rental for your specific amount of junk. Our quote includes full cost for rental, removal of the dumpster, any other service you may require from us. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing no hidden fees as a part of your rental, all service we do is quoted with the dumpster rental price! Just pay your deposit and you are good to go, absolutely no hidden fees afterwards!

Choosing Your Delivery Date

We can drop off the dumpster rental wherever you need it on your property. The most common delivery spot is usually the driveway (it’s the most sturdy) but we are willing to put it anywhere, we do our absolute best to respect and protect your property. Our dumpster rentals are outfitted with rubber rollers to minimize and impact the heavy bin will have on your property. We offer completely sealed dumpsters as well as rentals with doors built in for easier junk access. No set up necessary, the rental is ready to go right from the delivery!

Dumpster Pick Up

Our standard rental period is usually 5-7 days, but accommodations can always be made to suit your specific needs. Just give us a heads up before the due period arrives and we would love to work with you to extend the rental to serve you best. We love early pickups as well! If you fill your rental ahead of schedule and you want it picked up earlier, just give us a call! We’ll send a team out to your property and remove the rental and get it ready to junk it all. Just be sure to avoid overfilling the dumpster, this could lead to additional fees for extra work done. Take precautions to cover your dumpster rental before periods of heavy rain to save yourself more space for actual junk! 

We are a locally owned company that has done extensive business with both commercial and residential owners! We pride ourselves on our versatility and attention to detail, any dumpster rental or junk removal you order from us will be delivered or completed perfectly.  Dad and Son does the most to recycle what junk we can to divert waste from landfills and promote a sustainable, green style of business! Not all dumpster rental companies are close to being the same, contact us today for more information on dumpster rentals in St Pete FL and how we can take a load off your plate today!