Dumpster Rental Clearwater FL

Dumpster Rental Clearwater FL

Dumpster Rental Clearwater FLIf you are wrapping up a project at home or you need access to a junk removal solution, renting a dumpster can be a convenient way to remove unwanted items from your home or to handle waste for home construction projects. Getting a roll off container or dumpster that will suit the needs of your project can be extremely important. By working with Dad and Son, you can have a dumpster rental in Clearwater FL that will suit the needs of your project.

With our dumpster rental company in Clearwater FL, we make sure you get access to the right sized dumpster that will suit your needs. We have dumpsters that are suitable for whole-home removal projects or items that can assist with a wide range of construction projects as well.

When renting through our Clearwater FL dumpster rental company, we will help you choose the right size container for your needs, drop off the dumpster, allow you to hold the dumpster for however long the project will take and then we come to pick the container up and dispose of the items at the end.

We work to route a wide range of items from our dumpster rentals from landfills. We want to ensure that the vast majority of materials that we remove can be recycled where appropriate.

Our dumpster rental in Clearwater FL can be a convenient solution; there’s no need for you to rent a truck to haul your items to the dump or donation sites and we can make sure you can access removal at an extremely affordable price.

Our team has dumpsters that are acceptable for a wide range of waste including appliances, household junk, yard waste, construction waste, concrete, and more. We choose the ideal space to drop our containers off on your property with complete respect for your home value. Our bins are outfitted with rubber protectors that can prevent damage to driveways and more.

Our Process

Choosing The Size

Contact us today with the details of your project and we can choose the right sized dumpster for the job. Our rentals are based on the size of the dumpster needed and this ensures that we can help you rent a dumpster that is sized accordingly. After paying the deposit you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about any other hidden fees associated with your dumpster rental in Clearwater FL.

After paying the initial deposit, you won’t have any other fees associated with your rental. We simply drop off the dumpster, you can fill it up with nonhazardous materials associated with your project and then we schedule a day for pickup. The average pickup period is typically 5-7 days.

Choosing Your Delivery

We can choose a delivery time that suits your needs. We can even offer 24-hour delivery services based on your immediate needs for dumpster rental. After choosing a time for delivery, our company will get a container out to your location and put it in place for the duration of your project.


Let us know when you are done with your dumpster or for the exact number of days that you would like the rental. We can pick up your dumpster at a predetermined date or you can contact us when it is full. We charge a fee-based off of the number of days your dumpster is rented out. Our standard rental period is usually for 5 days. If you would like your dumpster removed from the property because it’s full, contact our dumpster rental company in Clearwater FL and we can come out and remove it within 24 hours.

Contact us today if you are in need of a dumpster rental in Clearwater FL. Dad and Son can make sure you get the best dumpster rental in town!