Commercial Junk Removal

Commercial Junk Removal

Commercial Junk RemovalDad and Son commercial junk removal operates out of the greater Clearwater Florida area. Our team assists with a wide range of junk removal services such as moving offices, handling commercial build-outs or simply decluttering. We have become one of the top choices in Florida for commercial junk removal. If you are looking for removal of office furniture, garbage, old equipment and more, we are a team of junk removal experts that will suit your needs.

It’s our goal to offer our clients in Clearwater Florida an unprecedented level of service in junk removal. We want to make sure that you can free up extra space within your commercial property and make sure that you can have the room that you need to do business. Paying your employees to handle the process of junk removal or clean-ups can be a massive barrier to progress. Hiring us is an easy solution and a convenient service that could be used to de-clutter your business or help you prepare for the next step.

Our team handles complete cleanup services on basements, garages, industrial buildings, offices, multiunit housing and more. Contact us today and we can provide a complete quote on the cost of removals for your company. Our team handles everything from full business cleanouts to partial cleanouts that can help you get back on track. We will even provide light demolition for managing debris and trash throughout your property.

Our Approach

If you are interested in commercial junk removal, we show up on-site with the goal of offering premier customer service and the best quality of commercial junk removal for your company. Simply point out the items that you would like removed and we can provide a detailed quote on the overall cost of the removal process. We have well-equipped trucks, moving equipment, and skilled crews that keep health and safety in mind each step of the way during the junk removal process. We want to make sure we can complete the finest quality of service each time that we are on-site.

We also take an ecological approach with any type of junk removal. If your office items, equipment or products can be reused or donated, we are prepared to donate these items back into the community to make sure that they can be recycled or repossessed to help others in need.

The Advantage of Using Dad and Son

When working with our company, we ensure a professional and enjoyable service. By contacting us, you can rest assured that we will provide an accurate quote with the best pricing in the industry for your junk removal process. 

Contact Dad and Son Junk removal today for all of your commercial junk removal needs in Florida. We can make sure that your business can experience minimal interruptions and get access to the junk removal process that you need to maximize efficiency in your company.