Appliance Removal St Petersburg FL

Appliance Removal St Petersburg FL

Appliance Removal St Petersburg FLThey say home is where the hearth is, but we like to say it’s where the appliances are! Appliances make or break a home, without a spacious fridge, efficient dishwasher, and effective stove your kitchen would be nothing. The same goes for the laundry room, a washer dryer set takes a lot of abuse daily so having a top notch set of high tech appliances is vital to keeping your laundry in working order. However, everything ages as time goes on and a home’s appliances are not immune to this rule; that time always comes when we are contemplating a new appliance for our home. However, in order to bring in the new, we must first remove the old, and there is where a junk removal service comes into play. Removing bulky appliances can be tricky business, you are working at lifting and moving metal appliances that often weigh hundreds of pounds. This can be extremely unsafe for your home and your own health, professionals often invest hundreds of hours into learning the best techniques and maneuvers for handling bulky home appliances. Demand for appliance removal in St Petersburg FL is taking off, so many homes are hitting that time where their appliances are starting to need replacement. Does your home have a bulky old dishwasher or refrigerator taking up base in your basement? Dad and Son is the perfect company for the job, we have years of experience removing every type of appliance that you can think of! From washers and dryers to stoves and dishwashers, our licensed professionals are experts in lifting and moving bulky appliances out of your home and into the proper dump or recycling site! Below is a list of the kinds of appliances that we have experience working with!

Stoves and Ovens

Out of all the appliances we handle, stoves and ovens tend to be some of the more dangerous projects. A kitchen stove is extremely bulky and heavy, and on top of this there is a good amount of unplugging and removing that needs to be done before the appliance can be moved. Amateurs often hurt themselves when trying to remove stoves by jerking their backs or failing to handle the appliance correctly!

Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers are often removed and replaced for upgrades, these present a unique problem as a washer and dryer set tends to be in a enclosed, tight space. This can make the removal process harder and thus cause a higher chance for injury as well. Junk removal professionals have access to tools and accessories that make the job of lifting these bulky appliances out of the laundry room easier and safer!

Refrigerators and Dishwashers

Refrigerators are extremely bulky and are responsible for producing a high volume of injuries when homeowners attempt to remove them on their own. Let Dad and Son handle the painstaking process of removing your refrigerator so that you can have room for a more efficient and technologically advanced product! Refrigerators are always advancing in quality, contact us today so we can remove the old and make way for the new!