Appliance Removal Advice

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Appliance Removal Advice

Appliance Removal Advice

When your household appliances have finished their tour of duty, and you have already found and secured replacements, there is only one question left: What do you do with your old appliances? When it comes to giving new life to old appliances you are faced with a difficult task. A lot of the time you are looking to get fresh, new large appliances because your old ones have simply stopped working, or are on their way to being fully broken. These factors can make it hard to re-purpose old appliances, leaving you with the option of getting rid of them. While it can be a difficult and annoying task dragging these large, heavy and cumbersome appliances to the proper dump sites, it is worth the time and effort to swap out old, slow, and inefficient machines for newer, more eco-friendly and energy-efficient appliances. Good appliance removal advice could help make this process quick and effortless.

While some households have the option to shift older appliances that still function to the garage, or basement, it is often more ideal to simply remove the old, unwanted appliances from the house altogether. Some people might avoid this as an option because the prospect of hauling a refrigerator from the kitchen out to the driveway is daunting but it doesn’t have to be.

A lot of the appliances that you would find in your kitchen or laundry room (fridges, stove, dishwashers, washers and dryers) are ones that you may need help removing, so here are some tips on making appliance removal as simple as possible!

A New Life

If you are getting rid of an appliance because you have upgraded, there is an opportunity for you to give your old appliance a fresh new life by donating it to a charity, or a non-profit. While some of these places will send their own folks to gather the appliances, hiring movers or haulers can help make the process quicker and easier. 


If your appliance is done for, then the only option you have is to recycle it! Unfortunately, even if you were able to lug your appliance out from the basement, you cannot simply place it at the curb and wait for your weekly garbage and recycling pickup. Large appliances will need to be recycled at a specific recycling facility in order to be scrapped and taken care of properly. While this can cost a little extra, a lot of movers will wrap those costs into their price. 

Professional Help

The sad truth is that every appliance you buy will eventually need to be replaced. While your options for taking care of appliances that have passed their prime may be limited, there are people who can help you take care of those bulky, heavy household items. Dad and Sons Hauling and Removal can help you quickly, and safely take care of the removal of all of your old appliances. Our team helps make sure your home or business can quickly move on without old, broken, or dangerous appliances hanging around. Contact us for a free quote on your potential hauling job!

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